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Personalized / Custom 1 1/2" Wide BioBling Collars

Personalized / Custom 1 1/2" Wide BioBling Collars

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PERSONALIZE your bling! 

You can personalize this bling with your dogs name! A winning title! Add your favorite sport team. Make it your own.

Yes you can add an image or icon. Contact me at with what image you would like to add.

The BioBling is a 2 layer collar that is 1 1/2" wide. The top layer may be printed and have jewels.

Our BioBling collars are made with heavy duty BioThane that is easy to clean and stinkproof. Keep in mind these are heavier then the normal collar with all the jewels😁 Weight may vary from 8-14oz per collar.

These are custom ordered and NON REFUNDABLE. Please allow 5-6 weeks to be shipped.

Please measure your dogs neck on the C like in the photo. 


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