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Harness Leather Leash

Harness Leather Leash

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Many folks prefer harness leather because it is meant to be the most weather resistant of all the leathers. The Leather is stuffed with additional waxes and tallows that impregnate the leather with its weather resistant property.  Harness leather is a little heavier and sturdier then other leathers, but with the extra oils and tallows it makes it the best choice for outdoor use.

Our harness leather leads come in 4 widths and 2 lengths. The leather comes natural without additional conditioning or oiled.

Champ Dog Gear ½”, 5/8”, and 1” black harness leather comes with stainless steel snaps and our brown harness leather leads come with brass snaps. The 3/8” width is only available with a Brass snap in both black and brown harness leather leads.

If you have a request for a different color snap please contact us to make you a custom lead.

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