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Fi Series 3 Compatible Snap Collar (Fits 12-15" Neck) - Personalized

Fi Series 3 Compatible Snap Collar (Fits 12-15" Neck) - Personalized

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You asked for it an you got it! 

Champ Dog Gear has made a lightweight, waterproof, stinkproof, adjustable, durable collar. You can add your dogs name, phone, address or message such as; needs meds, please call my mom she is a wreck, deaf dog. Because this is a small collar with little print space it is unfortunate that an icon is not available to fit.

Because these collars are adjustable to fit different sizes we start the print as far near the non adjustable side as possible. We put the phone number there to try and make sure that it is not covered in case you need to adjust it.

This collar comes without the Fi unit, it must be ordered along with your subscription at

All 12-15" custom orders take 3 weeks to weeks to ship.

All custom order are non refundable.

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