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4' - BioThane Super Grip Snap Leash

4' - BioThane Super Grip Snap Leash

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The BioThane Super Grip Leash is a favorite among many dog enthusiasts. It is by far the best-gripping and most comfortable leash on the market.

What makes this leash different than the Beta BioThane leashes? The Super Grip has little knobs built into the leash that create an excellent grip in any condition without slipping or burning your hands. Being great in any condition is one of the reasons it is the PERFECT leash for dock diving or a robust pulling dog. This leash is also resistant to stickers and thorns, making it an excellent leash for tracking.

The Super Grip Snap Leads and Long Lines available in 3', 4', 6', 10', and 15". They are hand-sewn for durability and strength in the USA. We use a stainless steel snap and a ring on the handle. They are also available in Training Tabs, Traffic Handles, and slip leads.

If you are interested in a BioThane Super Grip long line or any other custom super item, message us at to place an order.

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