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Herm Sprenger Short Link Stainless Steel Fur Saver 3.0mm

Herm Sprenger Short Link Stainless Steel Fur Saver 3.0mm

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The medium sized links of this chain slide very well through the ring. Therefore, this item is ideal for working with the dog.
\nDue to its outstanding tensile strength, it is recommended for small and large breeds.
\nHerm Sprenger is one of the leading manufacturers of dog training products, best-known for their quality, reliability, and safety. All products are made in Germany, utilizing only the finest materials and components. Through their continuous quality control efforts over the past 140 years, Herm Sprenger’s training collars are recognized as one of the best training collars sold on the market today.
\nProduct Details • Stainless Steel short link fur saver dog training collar; offering corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and hygienic qualities •
\nTo determine size: measure around the largest part of your dog's neck and then add 2 inches.

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