BioThane Dog Collars & Leashes

Water-proof, stink proof, durable and available in a bright assortment of colors! Slip leads, snap leads, long lines, grooming loops, collars, and more.

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  • The Material

    BioThane is the best thing to happen to dog gear! This material is stink-proof, water-proof, and produced in the US.

  • The Variety

    Champ Dog Gear's BioThane collection comes in almost every color imaginable. Snap leads, slip leads and collars all available and loved by dog-owners everywhere.

Loved by Dogs Everywhere

Champ Dog Gear is committed to carrying the gear you need with a variety of collars, leads and more. Our products are custom made by individuals or small companies across the USA.

  • Real Dog Approved

  • Service Dog Friendly

  • Lots of Options

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