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White Pine Outfitters

White Pine Soft Web Snap Collar

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A convenient side-release buckle makes this buckle collar easy to put on and take off. Popular in the 1″ version with sporting dogs. Same Soft Web ™ as in our Soft Slip ™ that won’t leave a colored ring on your dog’s neck or wear fur. Lots of folks like the Mini Soft Snap ™ for color marking puppies. If you are unsure whether your dog needs a Soft Slip™ or a Soft Snap, and strength is a factor, go with the Soft Slip™.

Black welded d-rings and black slide adjustment buckle, sewn with black stitching. Soft Snap™ has black side release buckle. 1″ and 9/16″ d-rings are black stainless steel. Our 100% nylon Soft Webbing will not damage, cut or stain neck fur.

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